Getting Started

Welcome to my team!

I am sure that when you joined SFI, you had some goals in mind.
Please feel free to share them with me.
I am here to help you reach those goals.

As the old saying goes: ‘ the only stupid question is the one not asked’.
So feel free to ask me anything!!!
I am here to help you.

This is your new business, there are many ways to make money. Take some time to explore it.
SFI is the best business to join. Trust me, I researched everything.

With SFI, you do not have to invest a penny. You can buy T-credits or you can win them in the T-time game for free in TripleClicks if you want to participate in auctions or play some of the games.

The ‘money’ that we use is called T-Credits. I advise you to click on (TripleClicks) on your To-do list and then (Games) play (T-Time) it’s free. You can enter it once per hour until you win. The prize is 2 T-credits, but you can only win once per day. I play everyday until I win. Some days I win, some days I don’t. But most days I do win πŸ™‚

If you go to TripleClicks and don’t know how to get back to your affiliate page, just click on link following hello, (SFI) link at the top of the TripleClick page and it will take you back to you SFI affiliate page.

Start by reading the LAUNCH pad lessons on SFI, then work your ‘To-Do’ list daily, which can be found under the (HOME) tab. Do your to-do list everyday, you will get VersaPoints for helping you advance.

Do not answer all the questions on all of your Launch Pad lessons during your first month, unless you want to be on the (fast track).
Why? Because You receive VersaPoints for answering the test question on each lesson, you can read the lesson but don’t answer all the questions yet.
You only need 1500 VersaPoints to reach EA (executive affiliate).

During your first few months, I recommend that you try and reach Executive Affiliate (EA). Do not try to go above that, it will be better for you to wait until you have your down line built before you try to advance to Silver, Bronze, etc. Once you reach 1500 points, save your LAUNCHPAD lesson question and answers for the following month to help you reach EA again.
I didn’t know this, I used all my free VersaPoints the first month to reach Bronze Team leader. I didn’t realize that each month we all start over for the new month with VersaPoints for ranking purposes. VersaPoints are the points that you receive by doing your daily, weekly, monthly to-do list plus there are other ways to get VersaPoints. VersaPoints are how we all build our rank each month.

So once you reach EA, just keep logging in daily and work your to-do list.
Your to-do list can be found under the (home) tab.

SFI and TripleClicks offers a lot of resources to educate you on how to be successful and profitable with your new business.

Here at SFI, we work together so that we can all be successful as a team.
Soon you will have your own affiliates to help, so take advantage of all the education and me.
I am here to help. I will be sending you more tips as we go, but, if you need any help, please let me know. I am here to help you to achieve your own goals.

Welcome πŸ™‚ !!!!!
Connie Minshew
Proud SFI sponsor.

I can be reached by the team email or

Join me on Facebook: Connie Taylor Minshew

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