Effective Duplication Strategy

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I came across this great Question and Answer under the AskSC Tab. I found it helpful and inspiring so I wanted to pass it along. I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

(I didn’t write the question or the answer so I don’t know who to give the credit to)

Question (by Jim Wilson)

What is the most effective strategy for re-assigning people in your downline ?

Answer (author unknown)

As it is often mentioned here; it is better to build deep than to build wide, in order to get the benefit of leverage income, so my most effective strategy would be:

1. Incentive and motivation

You may use reassignment as incentive for members of your team to attain their first rank in SFI, EA by letting them know you will reassign a particular number of affiliates to them. Also some members of your team may still be on the face waiting for a push to the right side of it, so you may use reassignment to boost their morale and motivate them to assume responsibility and become hardworking since they now have a team. Apart from these, you can also use reassignment to appreciate achievements made by your PSA and therefore encouraging them to do more.

2. As a contest

It is often productive to create a contest between members of your downline often of the same rank, as I prefer, in order to challenge them to be very hardworking and to also instill in their consciousness that hard work pays. Rewarding hard work has been widely acknowledged as one of the best incentive of motivation.

3. Building higher rank members

For example you want team leaders in your team for better and more efficient team structure, so you may reassign certain number of affiliates to your hardest working EAs in order to become team leaders with the efforts of the affiliates (who may be EAs also) you reassigned to them. You will therefore advice these future team leaders to duplicate this strategy and before you know it, you will be earning big from an active deep structure you orchestrated. This is because you will earn matching VP from all EA2 in your 1-12 generations, assuming you are a BTL and more for higher rank.

The benefit of building team leaders by reassignment strategy and duplication

Assuming things go well as planned and you choose for example to reassign 5 EAs to your best 5 EAs ( who then become TLs) and this effort is duplicated across the board, it means you will get leverage income from the 5 TLs in your Gen1, 25 in Gen2, 125 in Gen3, 625 in Gen4, 3125 in Gen5, 15625 in Gen6, 78125 in Gen7, 390625 Gen8, 1953125 Gen9, 9765625 in Gen10, 48828125 in Gen11 and 244140625 in Gen 12. At the 7th Gen you are already possibly a millionaire πŸ™‚

This is not a sacrosanct formula, but a template to understanding the potential income you can derive from strategic reassignments, so it may not always work out this way and yet it does not diminish the value and potential benefit of reassignment.


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