Getting Started with SFI

How to make money; SFI

A common question from New Affiliates “How is it possible to make money?”

As in any business, so and in this business you are not going to become rich overnight. Nobody falls asleep poor and gets up rich. For a get rich quick business it is better to deal with some other business, of course that is on the outside of the legal framework and you’re always afraid of getting caught…. and you will not have a peaceful sleep.
I personally am not interested in this kind of business, and if you need a quick profit, earnings overnight, then you’re in the wrong place. That is why you will hear from me one hundred times why it is so important to learn and read all the information in your back office SFI.

As far this is concerned, I think that the free training and available materials are worth more than many paid educations. It’s here FREE. 😃

The knowledge gained here is applicable to other jobs Marketing, so that learning and the acquisition of knowledge is not in vain.

Earnings depends on several factors.
The first month you spend on research and training, reading SFI Forum, doing Daily assignments and daily lessons, join A2A to meet and make friends with SFI members (affiliate), your Upline sponsors, then you begin to learn and will get answers to questions.

What is the best way to start ?

Your training is everyday work at SFI !

SFI Rules Of Success LINK :


SFI Basic

30 Lanchpad lessons for each day at one lessons LINK:

more than 89 Internet income lessons to read LINK:

A lot of lessons, video content, learning materials and training materials …
Training Video: Training Video :

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So do not worry, for the richness of the necessary knowledge and wealth will come with time and hard work.

Keep in touch.

With positive thoughts into a new day …

Best Regards

Connie Minshew
Proud SFI Sponsor
My team website:

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