What is SFI?


SFI provides its members numerous FREE Training Opportunities.

A great ASKSC answer that I found helpful;

SFI is an affiliate marketing business or in other words, a network marketing business. What that means to us, is that this whole business works on a referral system. Every person that becomes part of SFI has to market the business to others to also become affiliates under that person who sponsored them. They are his PSA’s or Personally Sponsored Affiliates. Then you have to teach all your PSA’s to do the same as you do. That is called duplication.

SFI works with a VersaPoints system. The more VP you gather, the more you earn and the higher your rank in the company. VP consists of Action VP and Sales VP. You gather Action VP by doing certain Daily, Weekly and Monthly actions and Sales VP by buying and selling at TripleClicks, our on-line store. Ultimately everyone’s success depends on the sales that our store TripleClicks make.

SFI has a grate compensation plan. You can earn in 6 different ways:
1. You earn income from selling your own products/services.(Member Listings or becoming an ECA yourself) (E-Commerce Associate)
2. You earn commissions by selling the products of other affiliates or ECA’s.
3. You earn income by gathering VersaPoints for your sales/actions.
4. You earn residual income by way of VersaPoints Matching from the activities of all your affiliates (PSA’s and CSA’s up to 12 generations).
5. You earn residual income in the form of royalties from the sales made by the E-Commerce Associates that you referred.
6. You earn by way of Sfi PPA, that is by referring members to SFI that will not be your PSA’s. You are paid a once off commission for each referral.

You are advised to log into SFI every day and do your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Actions. Read and learn as much as possible. Play the games and take part in the contests. Promote SFI every day. to

Recruit new PSA’s, there are many ways to do this. You can also win new PSA’s (Personally Sponsored Affiliates). Every time you place a bid on any auction, you work towards a free BID AND SPIN opportunity towards gaining a new affiliate. I love this new feature.

Promote TripleClicks every day to enroll ECA’s.

Promote TripleClicks Products every day to enroll PRM’s (Customers) and sell products to earn commissions. There are over 100,000 products for you to sell. Plus you can sell things around your house, or open your own Store on TripleClicks if you have your own products/business. Promote your products all over the world.

Be an awesome sponsor. Communicate with your PSA’s and CSA’s at least weekly through newsletters, emails, E-cards, stream posts, etc. Teach them to duplicate your efforts.

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