Daily Tasks: You Need To Do EVERYDAY, Step by Step

Hello Team
If you don’t already know these things, I have figured out how to do print screens and write notes on them :-). Please excuse my handwriting, I’m trying to figure out how to improve by inserting text, but here is what I have so far.
I hope you find it helpful

This image shows where to click everyday to do your daily tasks.
First, click the (home) tab, as shown, then the drop down menu appears.
Click (Alerts) to get started.
I’ve already done my tasks on this screen so all the tabs are green.
If you haven’t done yours yet, then they will be red.
On most of the tabs, you will review then scroll down and click the blue bar to indicate that you’ve read the page.
Then move across to the next tab.

(Click each image to see a closer view)

Getting Started Everyday

On the To-Do list, click the TripleClick link as shown below, this will take you to the TripleClick site. That’s when I usually enter the T-Time Drawing, more on that later.

Then come back to your To-Do list and check your weekly, monthly, etc tasks.. If you have questions, let me know. I will do more screen shots on the Tabs next week.


As promised, once you are on the TripleClick (TC) site, click on (Games), scroll down and click on T-Time.  That’s when I usually enter the T-Time Drawing.

T-Time DrawingClick on the image to enter the drawing. You can enter hourly until you win. Only one win per day is allowed. So enter it hourly until you win.

. image

Clicking the image starts the 20 second timer. When it ends, click ENTER NOW

2 T-Credits comes in handy for completing some of the items on your To Do list. Use one T-Credit to enter an auction. I usually use it on auctions offering double MRP’s, also check the Flash timer bar on the auction and if possible, bid as close to the prize drawing as possible. I will do screen shots on that later. But I win T-Credits doing that quite often.

I hope this has helped.
Let me know if you’d like screen shots on anything in particular and I will be happy to do it.
That’s all for this lesson.
Have a great day!



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