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This email is a little longer than usual, but it will give you so much valuable information and links. You can save it and refer back to it when you need to.

I found this post in the Forum and I wanted to share it with you. I’m always looking for helpful ideas to share and I think this is a good one.
Let me know your thoughts after you read it.
Also, if you find something helpful, send it to me so I may share it with the team.
Working together will help us all reach our goals faster 🙂

Note: of course you all know me, I’m going to check everything and add more information if it’s missing from the topic 🙂

Connie 🙂
Proud SFI Sponsor

Posted 4 months ago in the Forum:
Today I’m going to show you how to get versa points that will help you to become Executive Affiliate in SFI. To become an EA in SFI you need 1500 VersaPoints.
I’ve noticed that most of my PSAs don’t make the required Versa Points to become EA on their first month. On your first month with SFI it is easy to reach the rank of Execute Affiliate but it is likely that you don’t know how to make it because you are not being guided on how things should be done. So scroll down and follow the links I’m posting so that you will have a quick start up guide and make EA in SFI on your first month.
(Note: I don’t recommend using all of your possible points to go beyond EA, your first month. Save some tasks for the next month to help you reach EA again~Connie)

VersaPoints are the key to everything in SFI, from your Power Rank through earning cash and prizes.


Your Power Ranking is based on the total amount of VPs you accumulate over time. The more points you have, the higher your rank. The higher your rank, the more shares you earn in the TripleClicks Executive Pool, which is SFI’s revenue-sharing opportunity.

You will automatically receive Bonus 500VP if in 24 hours you have accumulated 200VP (by doing various tasks~ Connie) So if it has been over 24 hours and your VP is under 500, you do not get the bonus.
Here goes;

1. (150 Versa Points) – This link is perhaps the first and most important link to check after joining SFI, confirming your registration with SFI shows that you are ready to start making money with the program. You will get 150 Versa Point with this link. This is a one time Action Point.

2. (100 Versa Points) – By clicking on this link you will be instructed to whitelist this is to ensure that you will receive important emails from SFI and your team on the program.

*To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.

3. (75 Versa Points) – Completing your affiliate profile is a key component of SFI’s powerful personalized training and support programs.
4. (50 Versa Points) – This link will help you send a commitment message to your sponsor. You joined SFI so it is only proper to send a commitment letter and do what you can to get ahead. Remember, only you can do what you want to accomplish, others won’t do something for you when you don’t do things yourself.
(Please communicate with me, often 🙂 ~Connie)

5. (50 Versa Points) – This link will bring you to the FAQs page of SFI. All you need to know about SFI is covered by this page, you can also ask questions directly, if you feel your questions about SFI aren’t answered here. To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.

6. (35 Versa Points) – This page will show you how to market and generate income from TripleClicks sales. Tripleclicks is a part of SFI with over 100,000 commisionable products. To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.

7. (35 Versa Points) – You will see SFI Marketing aids and resources for sponsoring on this page. Sponsoring your own PSAs in SFI will increase your income potential, the more PSAs that you sponsor the higher your potential income can be. To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.

8. (35 VersaPoints) – By adding your photo, your new affiliates (and TripleClick referrals ~Connie) can be greeted by not just your name but also a face of a real person, whom they can contact and ask guidance. As a sponsor it is important to show that you are doing what you are asking your affiliate to do. Lead by example.

9. (25 VersaPoints) – As a sponsor and an affilaite with a business online it is a must that you should greet everyone who visits your page. A greeting goes a long way to show that you are indeed there to receive and interact with your visitors and affiliates. So do post a greeting, your affilaites will also be directed to your affiliate center when they first sign up. As they say, “first impressions last”.

10. (20 VersaPoints) – Follow SFI updates on your twitter account. You’ll receive updates from them and some fellow SFI MEMBERS will follow you too 🙂 you can also view who are following SFI and see for yourself how they are doing with their SFI Business.

11. ( 20 VersaPoints) – Follow TripleClicks on your twitter account. You’ll receive updates and some fellow Tripleclicks / SFIers may follow you too 🙂 you can also view who is following SFI and see for yourself how they are doing with their SFI Business.

12. “Like”SFI on your Facebook account (20 VersaPoints) – visit the SFI facebook page and you will be credited with the VersaPoints, who knows some of your family and friends may have already liked SFI on Facebook.

13. “Like”TripleClicks on Facebook (20 VersaPoints) – Soon as you like the TripleClicks page on facebook you’ll be credited with VersaPoints, you’ll have to wait for it though, it doesn’t credit immediately wait for a few minutes.

14. (20 VersaPoints) – This page shows you where, how and when it all began. SFI has been in business for since 1998 and has paid millions of dollars to its affiliates. Read the page and discover more about SFI and TripleClicks.To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.

15. (20 VersaPoints) – This page will help you understand how commissions are calculated in SFI. It also will show you how you can earn more. To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.

16. (10 VersaPoints) – This Page will show you the benefits of each affiliate rank in SFI. Ranks in SFI are based on VersaPoints both from Action Points and Sales. There are the Execultive Affiliates, Bronze Team Leader, Silver Team Leader, GOLD Team Leader and Platinum Team Leader. To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.

17. (10 VersaPoints) – This page will show the multitude of terms and acronyms used in SFI and TripleClicks. If you are wondering what a2a means then this page will show what it is. To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.

18. (10 VersaPoints) – Standing Order, is very important in SFI. This will help ensure that you will always receive your allotted FREE CSAs every month (into your own downline ~Connie) and also to help you maintain a minimum of Executive Affiliate rank.

This list is not the only way to accumulate VersaPoints in SFI, as stated above these are “Getting Started Action Points” there are more ways to do so and I will try to put them into a single page on my next post. So to sum up the VersaPoints from this guide;
That’s 765 VersaPoints total. To achieve the rank of Executive Affiliate you need1500 VersaPoints.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I hope that you found this article helpful as a good start.
I want to point out that it is very important to LOG IN EVERYDAY,
Log in, go to the HOME tab, click on ALERTS, read and scroll to the bottom, click the BAR that you have reviewed the page, then go across to the next tab, TO DO LIST, I always scroll down, click on the TRIPLECLICKS LINK, when I get there, I click on GAMES, then scroll down to the T-TIME DRAWING, Click on the featured product! wait for the 20 second timer, then enter to win 2 T-Credits. (I enter every hour when possible until I win. You can only win once per day)
Then I click on the GAMES Tab again, I enter the CARDKING game, play free twice. I always enter the Sidekicks contest; the free one and the one that cost 1T-Credit to play which is 4x the points by guessing what color the next card will be, I always pick Red :-). Why do I do that you might be wondering…. If you have the same card come up in a row, you get to play the bonus round. In the bonus round you can win game points, T-Credits, and even CSA’s!!! If you don’t spend at least 1T-Credit in the game then you do not get to play the bonus round. I have won T-Credits, game points and CSA’s! You will also earn VersaPoints for playing since you spent 1T-Credit.
Next, I click on AUCTIONS, I go look for an auction with Double MRP, because I will get 1 Daily VersaPoint for bidding. I make the most of it by choosing the DOUBLE MRP auction. IF there isn’t one available, I keep checking until there is one, as long as I can. If I am not going to be able to keep checking then I go ahead and bid on any product to get a Daily VersaPoint.
If there is an auction that has a product that I want, I look for NBA to be listed on the auction, which means NO BID ASSIST. Why? It’s very hard to win an auction if someone is using the bid assist feature. It’s a waste of a T-Credit to compete unless you have a lot of them to use. My advice, if you want a product in an auction that is using that feature, WAIT THEM OUT. When they stop using the auto bidder, then place your bid. Also, don’t waste a bid if several people are in a bidding war. WAIT until they run out of steam before joining the auction. Of course, if you want to be THE MOST AGGRESSIVE BIDDER, then go for it :-).
While I’m talking about DOUBLE MRP (Double Member Reward Points); You will want to accumulate as many as possible. They can be used payment for TripleClick purchases. You can also trade them in at the REWARDS TAB. There are several products that you can get. I have used mine several times to get Silver Bars.
Note: if you plan to trade them for Silver Bars, do it on the REWARDS TAB, because it’s cheaper there than it is under the PRODUCT TAB.
Ok, back to what I do everyday;
After entering the T-Time drawing, playing CARDKING, and bidding on a DOUBLE MRP auction, I go back to my SFI TO DO LIST, scroll down. Check the weekly actions. I review my T-Connect page, then I go back to the SFI TO DO LIST. I check on how many stream posts that I’ve made for the week. If I haven’t done 3 for the week then I need to make a post when I get to the stream. I don’t go right then, I scroll down, reviewing as I go. (I usually do the Group Mailing towards the end of the week), Then Click the bar at the bottom that I’ve reviewed the page to receive my Daily VersaPoint for that page.
TIPS tab: I click on the TIPS Tab; read, review, scroll to bottom and click the BLUE BAR that acknowledges that you’ve reviewed the page. Earn 1 VersaPoint.
STREAM tab: click on the STREAM tab, submit a post for your downline if needed. Then scroll down while reading the latest posts until reaching the bottom, then click the BLUE BAR.
TC tab: click, read, scroll to bottom, then click BLUE BAR.
ECA tab: click, read, review, to receive the daily VersaPoint, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the featured ECA. I look at their products, decide if I want to connect or promote any of their products. If I do, then I share it on Twitter and Facebook.
Then I go back to the SFI page and click: ( note, you will get redirected a lot to the Tripleclicks page, just go back to your SFI page and continue….)
EZ tab: click, review, play a game, if you can, spend 1 T-Credit on a game if you haven’t already. To get your daily VersaPoint, you have to spend 1 T-Credit on a game. Don’t forget to enter the T-Credit Drawing every hour until you win :-). If you win 2 per day, then you can use them to get your 2 Versapoints to play a game and bid on an auction:-)
PB tab: this will show you a list of current auctions. To get your VersaPoint, you have to bid on one auction per day. Of course you can bid on as many auctions as you want :-). If you have done what I suggested earlier, then you would have already gotten your VersaPoints for the EZ tab and the PB tab. That is why I do it all in the beginning after I click on the TRIPLECLICK LINK on the TO DO LIST.
SCOREBOARD tab: click, read, review, see how many points you need to reach your goal. Scroll down, click BLUE BAR. Receive a VersaPoint.
MOVERS tab: this is where you can see what your downline members are doing. You can click on their name, send then an E-Card if desired of click on one of the icons by their name to send an email. Scroll to bottom, click BLUE BAR, receive you VersaPoint.
GROWTH tab: read, congratulate newest member achievements, scroll to bottom, click BLUE BAR, receive 1 VersaPoint.
GOALS tab: see what you have accomplished so far, scroll down, write your goal in the box, click BLUE BAR. receive 1 VersaPoint.
ASKSC tab: I scroll to the bottom, click the bar to rate answers. I rate 10+ answers, good or bad. Then click at bottom on the link to go to the Daily Grand Drawing. Earn 1 VersaPoint.
WIN IT tab: click, scroll, enter drawing. Earn 1 VersaPoint.
FORUM tab: click, scroll to a topic of interest, select it by clicking on it, read, (participate in the discussion if desired) wait 20 seconds until a green box appears in the top right corner, that says you have earned your VersaPoint.
At this point, you can go back and review anything of interest, or participate in the forum. I go to my email link at the top right of the page. If I have new PSAS, then I go to each ones link, review their progress, send them a Welcome letter. Write your own or click on the link to find one that you like. Copy and paste it in the welcome box, click at the bottom to send the email. Paste it, click send. Then click that you sent it. Here you can also check various things, there is a check list that you can use, and a note section where you can enter your communications or thoughts, etc…
Ok, that’s more than enough for you guys today :-).
I do all of this everyday. I’m very systematic with it, same way everyday until all my tasks are done. It may look like all this takes a lot of time but it doesn’t. 10 -15 minutes or less, it depends on how involved you get. I work through all the tasks, get all the VersaPoints possible then I go back and do other things. What? Review the Geneology report, commission report, etc… Or I go find products that I like and promote them.
I also promote my SFI web pages in various places, free classifieds, Traffic Exchanges, Twitter, Linked-In, etc…
You can find your web pages under GATEWAYS.
Let me know if you found any of this helpful and share your tips with me :-).
Also, if you like my weekly emails, feel free to copy and edit them to use to send to your downline. Remember you receive 30 VersaPoints each week for mailing news to your downline using the GENEOLOGY report. If you want more informative, just let me know.
~ Connie Minshew
Proud SFI Sponsor
I’m waiting to hear back 🙂
Note For your information: when I send a Group Team Email, you cannot [REPLY] to the Geneology generated Team emails the way that you usually do when reading e-mails, so I am providing you with my email and my Leadership Page, where you can read my blog. To respond to Team emails, create a new email or hit reply and replace the SFIMAIL with my email, copy and paste my email address into it. Or better yet, add me to your contact list then all you have to do is type in my name).

Connie Minshew
SFI Team Email:
My Leadership page;
Facebook: Connie Taylor Minshew
Twitter: Connie Minshew


What is SFI?


SFI provides its members numerous FREE Training Opportunities.

A great ASKSC answer that I found helpful;

SFI is an affiliate marketing business or in other words, a network marketing business. What that means to us, is that this whole business works on a referral system. Every person that becomes part of SFI has to market the business to others to also become affiliates under that person who sponsored them. They are his PSA’s or Personally Sponsored Affiliates. Then you have to teach all your PSA’s to do the same as you do. That is called duplication.

SFI works with a VersaPoints system. The more VP you gather, the more you earn and the higher your rank in the company. VP consists of Action VP and Sales VP. You gather Action VP by doing certain Daily, Weekly and Monthly actions and Sales VP by buying and selling at TripleClicks, our on-line store. Ultimately everyone’s success depends on the sales that our store TripleClicks make.

SFI has a grate compensation plan. You can earn in 6 different ways:
1. You earn income from selling your own products/services.(Member Listings or becoming an ECA yourself) (E-Commerce Associate)
2. You earn commissions by selling the products of other affiliates or ECA’s.
3. You earn income by gathering VersaPoints for your sales/actions.
4. You earn residual income by way of VersaPoints Matching from the activities of all your affiliates (PSA’s and CSA’s up to 12 generations).
5. You earn residual income in the form of royalties from the sales made by the E-Commerce Associates that you referred.
6. You earn by way of Sfi PPA, that is by referring members to SFI that will not be your PSA’s. You are paid a once off commission for each referral.

You are advised to log into SFI every day and do your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Actions. Read and learn as much as possible. Play the games and take part in the contests. Promote SFI every day. to

Recruit new PSA’s, there are many ways to do this. You can also win new PSA’s (Personally Sponsored Affiliates). Every time you place a bid on any auction, you work towards a free BID AND SPIN opportunity towards gaining a new affiliate. I love this new feature.

Promote TripleClicks every day to enroll ECA’s.

Promote TripleClicks Products every day to enroll PRM’s (Customers) and sell products to earn commissions. There are over 100,000 products for you to sell. Plus you can sell things around your house, or open your own Store on TripleClicks if you have your own products/business. Promote your products all over the world.

Be an awesome sponsor. Communicate with your PSA’s and CSA’s at least weekly through newsletters, emails, E-cards, stream posts, etc. Teach them to duplicate your efforts.

Join My Team:


Everything I Know About Traffic Exchange Sites

Go Team Connie!

If you haven’t joined SFI yet:

 I use Traffic Exchanges as one way to Promote SFI and My Traffic Exchanges with banners, Splash Pages, Websites, and Text Messages 

You can find your advertising text messages, banners, and other ideas under the ( Marketing) tab on you SFI Affiliate page.

If your not sure how or what you want to promote, just add one SFI Gateway site (web page), assign credits required and save the rest of your credits. As you earn more credits and you figure out what you want to promote the most, you will have credits stored up.

Traffic Browser– Faster Surfing! I highly Recommend This! If you are using a computer, be sure and click on the link to join Traffic Browser! It’s a wonderful way to surf. After you join, enter your user ID for all the Traffic Exchanges that you’ve joined and it will let you surf up to 7 exchanges at a time for free!!! Traffic Browser is a great time saver! You will have to explore it to see how it works. There should be a video on the site that explains it. I love using the Traffic Browser when I am on my computer, but most of the time I do all my work on my I-pad, and it’s not compatible with I-pads yet.  I surf most sites daily to build up advertising credits.

Splash Pages Most of the sites will have a splash page when you log in to entice you to upgrade. There is one site called Kore4, by upgrading there, you will be upgraded on several sites, that is the best promotion that I have seen. I am sure that you will come across it as you surf.  Note: a lot of the sites promote Kore4, just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click to “join” or click “no thanks”. if it is a splash page it will not have a bar at the top to match icons. That’s how you know the difference between splash pages and regular surfing pages. When you log in to some sites, they have a promo page, this is also called a splash page, just scroll to the bottom.

Spot Light Page Some of the sites have a spotlight page, wait for the timer at the top, then rate the site, comment and apply, you will get credits for reviewing the spotlight pages. Of course, I had to learn everything the hard way! It was frustrating and time consuming. That is why I am sharing all this information with you so you won’t have to learn everything the hard way. When I first started surfing and a splash page came up with no icons to match, I would log out and log back in! Lol If you want to upgrade on any of these sites, that’s your decision. It depends on how much money you want to invest. I recommend Traffic Browser, Kore4, and Ninja Surf.

When you join, you will be asked to enter your own website to promote. Most Traffic Exchanges will not let you surf until you do that. You can promote SFI, TripleClicks, and your traffic exchanges.

Before you can surf, most sites will require you to assign  a % of credits to your websites.

How To Find Your FREE SFI Web Sites! You can find your free SFI websites under (acct), then in the drop down box, select (Gateway) not (gateway manager). I use my I-pad for everything, I copy and paste all my links one at a time and paste them in the Notes app. You can do the same thing on a computer. You can copy and paste your links in Word, Excel, etc. Just choose the program that you are familiar with. This makes it easier when joining a TE so all your links are in one place.

Key codes: Helpful but not required. You can also assign different key codes to your SFI web links, make a list of the TE and what key code so you can track where your hits are coming from. This is not necessary, but you can always go back to the TE and add a key code when you get ready. I do this. Here is an example of one of my links with a key code : affiliate code here.5591/ECA Now here is the example without the key code: affiliate link here/ECA All you have to do to insert your own key code; put a period, then the code that you want to use behind your affiliate I.D. Number. Stay away from the 1000’s, because SFI’s S-Builder uses codes in the 1000 range. You can even add a letter at the beginning of your code, then a 4 digit number.

Click Track Profit: It is very important that you join (click track profit) CTP, Why? A lot of these Traffic Exchange Sites (TE) are promoted on CTP and once joined, you will enter your user name for each TE and Then be sure and register your user name for the TE that you joined onto the CTP site. Sound confusing? It was to me at first, I had no guidance. That is why I am sharing this with you, to make it easier for you so that you don’t waste time trying to figure out what to do. 🙂

Back to Click Track Profit; you will want to join a team. By doing so, you will earn more credits. Most TE’s that are associated with CTP will award you badges as you surf, they will go onto the CTP site. That’s why it’s important to join CTP first (see my link below). On CTP, you can (Nerd) surf. By surfing the TE’s on the Nerd list, you will increase your bonuses. On Each site on the list, you will need to view at least 10 pages, then move on to the next site, etc. After you Nerd surf on at least 4 sites consequently, your bonus points will start increasing. CPT also promotes awards by surfing certain sites each day, you have to surf the recommended site until you find the (key, or icon specific to the game) Once you have found it, go to the next recommended site and do the same. If you complete the quest, you will be awarded points. You can play the same quest over and over, the awarded points will increase.

Promotion/Reward codes: Most of the TE’s offer promotion codes and bonus games while your surfing. Be sure and check the (home) page on each TE site before you start surfing. Some of them will also email codes to you. When you get a code, go to (enter reward code) usually found on the home page or in a drop down menu under (Account). You want to apply free codes to earn extra advertising credits.

Winning: You can surf these pages while watching TV or any other activity, usually by clicking on the matching icon that will appear in a bar at the top of the TE page once you’ve begun to surf. To surf click on (surf). Be sure to look at the page being advertised to see if if it’s something of interest or if there is a free game to play, play it. You can win text message, banner and web site credits by playing the games. Also entering codes and surfing at least 25 pages or more on most sites will earn you extra bonuses. I see slot machines and match the boxes most of the time. Some sites will even have you select the name of the last page that you viewed, so you need to remember it, click on it for bonuses. If you don’t remember it, don’t! It will count against you.   I am a member of over 30 TE’s, so if the game requires me to surf a site that I have not joined, I either don’t play, or I join. That is up to you. I have a list of links to these TE’s so that you can join under me. You can then offer help to your downline by giving them your personal link to the TE.

By referring to TE sites, you increase your bonuses etc…

You can join as many TE’s that you feel comfortable with. I recommend joining Click Track Profit first, then choose at least one other TE so you can learn about surfing. Once you get the hang of it, join more. Some of them offer more random prizes. I love hits, froggyhits and Ninja surf are a few of my favorites. Some of the TE’s that I surf are not associated with Click Track Profit, but the majority of them are.

 The Best Deal – Kore4 When you join Kore4 you will automatically be upgraded at 4 Traffic Exchange Sites; StartXchange, Ilovehits, Sweeva, and Thumbvu. When you click on the Kore4 link below, you will see all the advantages and free advertising that you can use to promote your Gateways / websites.  Be sure to also join Click Traffic Profit because all these sites work together to give you extra rewards. If you need help, just let me know.

Here is an Alphabetized list of My Traffic Exchanges:

Astrology Surf                            Asylumhitz

Big Beach Hits

Click Traffic Profit                      CTP Team ~Easy                     ClickVoyager                     Click Your Face Off

Cool Cat Hits                              CruisinXchange                       Cup Of Traffic                    Cyber Wheelers

Double Nice Traffic                    Dragon Surf 

Easy Hits4U

Farm Traffic                                Free TE Credits                        Froggy Hits

Go Green Hits

Hit Funnel                                   Hummingbird Hits

I Love Hits


Legacy Hits                                  List Build Surf                           Lobby Hits                          Lords of Lothar


Power Cash Stream                    Power Surf                                PTC Professor


Sealife Hits                                 Shockwave Traffic                   Show Biz Hits                    SiteXplosion

Social Ad Surf                            Sound Surf Live                        Start Xchange                    Sunshine Surf Club

Surf Skeleton                             Surfing Old School                   Sweeva

TE Command Post                    TE Hoopla                                 TE Racing League             TE Search

Tezak Traffic                               ThumbVU                                  Top Hits4U                          Top Flight Traffic

Top TE                                         Traffic Browser                         Traffic Pharaoh                  Traffic R US

Traffic Splash                             Traffic Swarm                            TrafficTeams

Wealth Builders                         Wild Hog Hits

Vegas Hitz                                  Viral Dynamyte


Zubee Zone

You can also advertise on Free Classified Web sites, most sites allow tracking to help keep up with your results. Just google Free Classified Advertising.

Go Team Connie!

Penny Auctions: